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Chuffed and Humbled

"In two extraordinarily ordinary lives, this is something pretty cool we've been able to pull off..." This would be my most common response to people who remark on the fact that Candee and I have been able to visit Ireland twelve out of the last thirteen summers - for a stay of three weeks for the first eight visits and eight/nine weeks for the last four. Well, it's gotten a whole lot cooler. We have purchased an apartment in Westport town. The Kiln apartments (pictures by the master, Pawel Sadowski) It's taken some readjustment in savings, and more than a dash of bravery ( on my part ), but we closed on the purchase today.  The apartment is in the center of town, just off the Octagon and in close walking distance of all our favorite haunts.  If you orient yourself with the pedestal statue of St. Patrick in the following picture, you'll get a sense of where The Kiln sits. You can see the statue of St. Patrick standing on the pedestal in the fa

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